About Us

Welcome to the page! Bright Swan is owned and operated by Lynne Crawford and is located in Shelburne, Ontario.

Lynne Crawford is a mid-thirties mom of two who's had a creative flare for much of her life. In 2012, she bought her first craft cutter, a Silhouette Cameo, and from there, she started a business personalizing and customizing product for retail customers. 

In June 2013, Lynne officially launched Bright Swan, as a result of two back-to-back negative buy-in/prepurchase experiences with fellow buy-in hosts. After being fed lines of excuses miles long, Lynne realized there was a significant need for buy-in groups that have integrity.  Therefore, she launched Bright Swan, which was first called BSC Blanks on Facebook. 

Lynne started small - mostly doing buys for Christmas items. In early 2014, she became pregnant with Grace and had her at the end of the year. Unfortunately, she had to really slow down, and then stop buy-ins in early 2015 for a year. Grace is special needs (3 diagnoses and counting) and her life has been full of many doctors visits, trips to specialists, inability to use daycare, and tons of early intervention appointments. 

In 2016, Lynne was ready to relaunch. Grace was at a point where she could work with her side by side (or on Lynne's back in the carrier) and she became our official first helper.

But, Lynne wanted this launch to be different. She wanted to help people see that they were safe to buy from us, show integrity and transparency, and offer as much information as possible regarding their product after they have purchased. Therefore, we launched on Facebook with Lynne's name on the title; Lynne Crawford's Buy Ins. She chose this name because she really wanted customers to feel confident in purchasing from us. It's HER name on the line - and she feels very strongly about her values. We may be Lynne Crawford's Buy Ins on Facebook, but we are Bright Swan legally. All order confirmations will show Bright Swan.  

UPDATE May 1, 2019 - Facebook finally approved our name change and we are officially Bright Swan instead of Lynne Crawford Buy Ins. 

Since we originally launched, we have grown significantly. We have been able to keep costs low by running the business out of Lynne's home, but have been out of space for our stocked product for some time.  

Therefore, as of April 2019, we have taken over our blue warehouse closest to the driveway. We are still in the same location, but instead we are operating our daily operations out of the warehouse. This has granted us a lot more space, plus separation from family life and work life.