UVDTF Happy Hour Decals - 23-0401-16

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UVDTF Happy Hour Decals - 23-0401-16


These UVDTF decals were preordered here and are currently part of our Happy Hour! These decals are extremely durable and we have even tested them in the dishwasher on stainless tumblers! These are in stock and ready to ship.

These measure around 3" this time.

These decals have a clear carrier sheet attached and are quite easy to install for most designs. Some intricate designs take a little more patience to ensure the little pieces of the decal stay on the tumbler/product you are installing. 


To install:

  • Prep your surface by  either using a soap/water mixture or cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol. 
  • Pre-burnish/pre-squeegee the decal. Place the design face down, run hard pressure back and forth over the design about 5 times to ensure the design is well-adhered to the clear carrier sheet. 
  • Separate the clear carrier sheet from the white backing. You need to do this slowly and watch the design closely to ensure every piece of your design is lifting onto the clear carrier sheet. If a specific area doesn't lift, put the entire design back down on the white backing and squeegee it again, then try pulling the carrier up from the previous area that didn't want to lift. Sometimes a little bit of heat under the transfer can help make this easier. The more thin/small the design pieces, the slower you need to peel. The larger the design/design elements, the less careful you need to be.  
  • Place the item, starting from one side and ending at the other. This helps you control the placement and reduce the likelihood of bubbles underneath. 
  • After placing the design, use a squeegee or your fingers to really push/burnish the design onto the cup to force adhesion. 
  • Slowly peel the carrier sheet at 180 degrees, carefully, to remove it. While peeling, move your grip of the carrier sheet inward, closer to the decal, to maintain as much control as possible. If any of your elements do not transfer, you can lay the clear carrier back down, squeegee hard again, and try pulling the carrier from the area that didn't want to adhere. 
  • It can take some practice for decals with tinier pieces, but patience makes this worthwhile. These pieces once on the cup can stay extremely well. 



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