I want to place an order for apparel - how does it work?

Apparel is ordered 5 days a week to be drop-shipped to your location. If you order it Monday, we order it within 24 hours.   

I already placed an apparel order, and I forgot an item. What can be done so I don't have to pay shipping again?

Unfortunately we cannot do this if we are drop-shipping.  


Are there any minimum orders for apparel?


How much is shipping?

Canadians currently qualify for flat rate shipping with apparel orders. We do not send apparel to the US or overseas however. 

Can I cancel or return my order? 

Sort of... If we have not yet placed the order with our distributors for the products you ordered, yes, you can cancel. We do not accept returns however. We have provided you with ample information about the product via the listing, as well as the size chart associated with the item, therefore we do not accept returns. 

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