Apparel FAQ



I want to place an order for apparel - how does it work?

 Apparel is ordered once a week on Tuesday mornings. You can place orders for apparel all week, and on Tuesdays at 6am we place apparel orders with the distributors. We do it this way instead of drop-shipping as we have a wide variety of brands that are not able to be obtained from one single distributor.  Apparel arrives late Wednesday/Thursday (most of the time) and we almost always ship before end of day Friday. If we do not, it's due to an extenuating circumstance and if not shipped by Friday, it's shipped by Monday or you are notified. 


I already placed an apparel order, and I forgot an item. What can be done so I don't have to pay shipping again?

Simply log into your account and see if your order has been shipped. If you do not use an account at Bright Swan, check your email (including your Junk/Spam folder). If your order is still in your account, or if you do not have an email saying it has shipped, simply check out and choose a free option for shipping (specifically the one that says you have a current open order and have already paid shipping). 

PLEASE NOTE: If your order has a tracking number associated with it, it’s unfortunately too late to combine shipping. 


Does apparel always ship before end of day Friday from Bright Swan to me? 

There are always exceptions... 98% of the time, yes, it is shipped or marked ready for pick-up before end of day Friday. Occasionally products get sourced from warehouses further away, and we will email you and let you know that the order will ship likely a few business days later. 

Sometimes too, we run into issues with courier delays, or warehouse hiccups getting the apparel to us. Most often this is affected during peak shipping season (October 31 - January 15). Occasionally, weather impacts our delivery as we are in a rural county that sees some really fun (not) winter weather. 


Is it possible to dropship an apparel order to me for rush service? 

Yes, we sure can. Please note there is a 10$ surcharge on each brand of apparel to be dropshipped. Example, if you require both ATC and Gildan brands drop-shipped, we likely have to have these sent from two different warehouses...therefore, we require two different drop-ship fees. This fee will help facilitate the additional costs involved with shipping and sourcing from multiple warehouses. This fee can be purchased here:


Are there any minimum orders for apparel?

NO. We absolutely recommend you order enough to make shipping worthwhile. Most often, we have apparel orders come in containing HTV or other consumables that are frequently used to help mitigate shipping costs. 


How much is shipping?

Shipping prices are based on weight of the anticipated parcel, as well as your postal/zip code in relation to ours. These are calculated at the checkout.  


Can I cancel or return my order? 

Yes and no. If we have not yet placed the order with our distributors for the products you ordered, yes, you can cancel. We do not accept returns however. We have provided you with ample information about the product via the listing, as well as the size chart associated with the item, therefore we do not accept returns.