FAQ - Sublimation transfers & Decals


Knowledge of how to sublimate your goods is required. Please ensure you are knowledgeable of the sublimation requirements and have the appropriate tools before purchasing sub transfers from Bright Swan.

Please be advised: sublimation dye only adheres to polyester fibers in material or to sublimation specific substrates that are coated with a polyester coating. If you choose a garment/fabric that has less than 100% polyester fiber content, the dye will wash out of the non-polyester fibers.

Sublimation does not use white ink, therefore any white in the design will be the colour of your item. If you are pressing onto a baby blue tumbler, anything white on the design will appear baby blue.

Sizing is approximate, and purchasing a 6" transfer means its approximately 6" at the longest side. Sometimes that means the transfer will be 6" x 6", and sometimes that means it will be 6" x 3" - this simply depends on the design. 

Please measure your item and purchase the appropriate sizing.


A *heat press* is strongly recommended for sublimation transfers. Some have used the Cricut EasyPress without issues, but we do not recommend. Please be reminded, an EasyPress by Cricut is not a heat press.   

When heat pressing apparel/garments, put a sheet of paper, butcher paper or cardboard inside the shirt so that the ink does not transfer to the back of the shirt. Heat tape is recommended to be used to secure the design in the allotted location to prevent slipping of the transfer, which will cause your design to ghost. 

Heat pressing times and temps can vary depending on what you are pressing and your physical heat press. Pressing sublimation transfers can be a learning curve. I always recommend having a scrap garment or tumbler and purchasing a few extra (but small) transfers to practice with to dial in your settings. While we do send a "tester in every order, sometimes a single tester is not enough to dial in your settings.  

For tumblers, mugs and other hard goods, pressing times and temps will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Please check with them to determine what settings to use. 

Bright Swan is not responsible for practice presses, user or equipment errors.

Some quick info regarding our decals:

  • Clear decals are best suited to *light* coloured surfaces and can be used as an alternative to waterslides or tattoos. These are most commonly used for epoxy tumblers, badge reels and phone grips.
  • White decals can be used as stickers.
  • We primarily print on Orajet vinyl, equivalent to Oracal 651/631. 
  • No sealing is required for tumbler making - sealing is recommended if using on the backside of a phone, laptop, etc, as constant touching and UV exposure of an unsealed surface will eventually wear down the design.
  • Waterproof - the wet method of installation can make placement quick and easy!
  • Transfer tape is not required, however, it is recommended to ensure that anything on your fingers does not get transferred to the adhesive of the decal, which can prevent longterm adhesion.
  • Please note - sizing is approximate and may vary slightly.


While every attempt to ensure colours stay exact on the prints in comparison to the listing, colours do vary from screen to screen.