***Current order processing time (Aug 16) 1-2 business days*** Please note, Aug 17-25 we will have limited hours of operation and orders may take up to 3 business days to ship.



Can I pick up and where are you located? 

Yes, pick up is encouraged. We are located in Shelburne, ON. My address is 511 Main St E, Shelburne, ON. Please note, our driveway is off the back alley - we do not have a driveway off Main Street. Smile for the cameras. 


What does RTS mean?

RTS is an acronym for Ready To Ship. This is the date in which the item has arrived, been inventoried and is ready to ship.  


How do buy-ins work?

Buy-ins are group purchases are hosted by one person (my business in this case) that collects everyone's orders and their money for their item and makes a purchase to a wholesaler/supplier/distributor/manufacturer for a large lot of items at once. Once the items arrive, we sort, inventory and ship to you within a few business days. 


How long does it take for buy-in items to come in?

This entirely depends on what the item is, and whether or not it needs to be manufactured for us. The general rule of thumb is between 1 and 8 weeks. All items, when listed for sale/prepurchase, have a RTS/Ready to Ship date on the listing or title. 

For example: our camping cups are RTS within 1 week of the buy closing. Our wine cups tend to be 3-4 weeks. Tree skirts can take as long as 7 weeks.  


How long does it take to ship Ready To Ship/RTS products?

Most often, these are shipped within 2 business days of your order. It's YOUR product once you purchase it, and I know you are eager to get your items. We also understand the vast majority of you rely on these items for your businesses, and efficient turnaround time is required for your reputation. 

My fine-print policies state that we will ship all RTS items within 5 business days. Please expect it in around 5 business days, to be safe, but we will do our absolute best to be as quick as possible.  

Out of stock RTS items most often have a RTS date on them. For example, black koozies that are RTS Dec 21 have been re-ordered, and you can pre-order the items coming in, but they won't ship until near the RTS date. 


Can I use your pictures for presales?

YES!! Absolutely. Any pictures posted on this website, or the Facebook group posted by us, you may use without asking. There is one exception - you may NOT use my pictures to source product elsewhere. Please do not use pictures posted by anyone else without their permission. Please also understand if the original poster does not want to allow you to use a photo of his/her work for you to obtain presales. 

On that note - WATERMARK your work. Whether it's for presales, or actual sales, watermarking lessens the chance your photos will be stolen. 


Do you have minimum orders?

NOPE. Very rarely do I have any sort of minimums. Occasionally I have bundles, but that's it. However, it is in your best interest to buy in bulk due to shipping costs. 


Do you ship lettermail?

No. Lettermail is for letters. We are not shipping letters, so we ship by parcel. We do ship in shipping bags, bubble mailers and boxes. 


How do I determine shipping costs? Do you provide estimates?

We do not do estimates. Instead, add the items to your cart, and start the checkout process. 


I have my own Canada Post or courier account. Can I send you a label? 

Absolutely. I will send you the weight, the parcel size and the from address once your parcel is ready to go. 


 What payment methods can I use?  

Paypal, credit card, EMT, cash. All are acceptable. Shopify is also integrating Apple Pay and other methods into the mix as well. (Please see below about cancelled orders should you wish to pay by EMT.)



Unfortunately, we have had to implement storage fees. The vast majority of you are not affected by this. These fees are now being implemented on any box that sits here for 7 calendar days with zero communication from the recipient of the package.

Why would a box sit at Bright Swan Creations 7 days, you ask? 

We've had an increased number of customers wanting to provide their own shipping labels from either Canada Post or a courier. Please be mindful of this - once you have the information, please know your box is in the way until you provide the label. If you have not provided a label in 7 calendar days, you will be charged a $5 per day until your label is provided. This is expensive, as we hope to prevent this from becoming a bigger issue. Please ensure that you send your label within a day, or just pay shipping at checkout, so we can expedite the delivery of your shipment.

Also, if you elect to not pay shipping at check out (this is not allowed), your box will stay here until you pay your shipping invoice. Failure to pay your shipping invoice in 7 calendar days, will result in a cancellation and refund for your order. 

ARE PICK UP ORDERS SUBJECT TO STORAGE FEES? YES. If your item has been in the pick up bin for 7 calendar days, hogging space with zero communication from you, storage fees of $5 a day will be applicable.  


EMT PAYMENT & CANCELLATION POLICY: When you check out, payment is required unless we have previously discussed payment terms. If you fail to make payment within 48 hours with no prior communication to us about your needs, your order will be cancelled.  Ensuring payment is made is the purchasers responsibility.

"Payment terms" are no longer accepted. Abuse of this system and subsequent word vomit in the direction of Bright Swan Creations staff has resulted in this.  



Most often, we ship via Canada Post Expedited Parcel. Shipping rates are calculated at the time of check out. *Please* pay your shipping at the checkout. This saves quite a substantial amount of time, and prevents your package from being delayed while we wait for you to pay your shipping invoice. If you are overcharged, a refund will be issued for the difference. If you elect not to pay shipping at the checkout and instead require me to invoice you, you will be charged an administration charge of $2, in addition to your shipping payment. 

At this time, we only ship to addresses in Canada. 


Our policies state that we will have all items shipped within 1 week of order placement, if the product that is available/in stock.

We do our best to have all orders of ready to ship items shipped out within one business day, Monday through Friday. Orders placed on the weekend may take until Wednesday to be shipped out. HOWEVER, it may take one week to ship your order. Why? There are certain times when we get swamped with orders, and while we do call in extra help to pack orders on those times, it usually takes some time to catch up.

Please anticipate any RTS (ready to ship) item will not ship for ONE WEEK after order placement, just to be safe. Our aim is to avoid this at all costs, however, it does happen from time to time. 

For items that are prepurchased as part of a buy-in, they will ship out within 3-5 business days once they arrive. I aim to get these out within 1 business day, but that is not always possible for huge orders.



Shipping to you takes between 1-9 business days, depending on where you are in Canada. Those in the GTA generally take 1 business day, but those in far ends of the country it can take longer. 


Why yes, of course. Simply log into your account and see if your order has been shipped. If you do not use accounts, check your email. If your order is still here and has not been shipped, simply check out and choose a free option for shipping (specifically the one that says you have a current open order and have already paid shipping). 

If your order has a tracking number associated with it, it’s unfortunately too late to combine shipping.