Shipping calculations/estimates:

Shipping is calculated at the checkout based on the items you purchase, as well as your location in relation to us. Shipping from us in Shelburne, ON to Toronto, ON will be less costly than shipping to Victoria, BC. 


Which shipping companies does Bright Swan use:

We ship predominantly with courier. We have multiple courier options available to choose from including UPS, Purolator, FedEx Ground and FedEx Express. In addition, we do ship by Canada Post to certain locations, or for orders that solely have a PO BOX in their address. Please use your street address when inputting your shipping information, should you wish us to send courier. 


I placed an order, but it hasn't shipped yet. I need more items - can I add to my order? 

Yes! If your order has not been labelled for shipping (you are sent shipping info once it is to the email address you used when you checked out), simply place a secondary (or third, fourth, fifth, etc!) order and choose the "pick up" shipping option. We will see this and automatically flag it for shipping combined with another order. We have customers utilize this every single week, and it works very well. We are happy to accommodate it. 


Can I pick up my order if I'm local without paying shipping? 

Yes. Pick up is noted as an option for shipping as well. Please do not choose this unless you intend to pick up. 


I live in Florida, can I still purchase from you? 

Yes, we ship worldwide. 


Do you have flat rate or free shipping options?

Yes. Flat rate shipping, along with free shipping is available for addresses in Canada and the continental USA (on qualifying orders). Please note, when flat rate is chosen, we will choose whatever shipping method is most affordable regardless of your preference. (The vast majority of orders will qualify for flat rate. There are some exclusions here, including ornaments.)


I'd like to know more about free shipping.

Free shipping over $300 has returned to Bright Swan. This however *does* have some limitations that will not be shown immediately at the checkout. The website is pretty smart, but not *that* smart. (Please note, the vast majority of orders that qualify for free shipping will in fact get free shipping.) If you have a very heavy and/or a very large order that needs to be delivered to very rural areas (generally northern areas of most of the provinces, along with a chunk of Newfoundland and Labrador), there will be an additional shipping charge. We will however split the shipping cost with you in half. 


How fast will an item get to me?

These time estimates are generally shown at the checkout. Note: This only is the actual shipping time after your box is picked up by courier. Please also add in our current turn-around time, shown at the top banner of the website, and whether or not you are ordering an item that is not generally in stock. Example: You order ornaments with "Ready to ship Dec 1" in the listing title. That means that they will be ready to ship in around December 1st, and we cannot ship them sooner than that date, unless they arrive earlier. 


How fast do you ship printed vinyls, DTF prints and sublimation prints? 

We are working to do this in under 3 business days currently. We hope to get this much faster with a bit more time here shortly. 



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