Vinyl Print Options

We offer a variety of vinyl options for our prints (tumbler wraps, patterned vinyls and decals). This can be a little bit confusing coming to purchase from us the first time. Therefore, we are breaking it down here right now, and please also see the photos below.

We offer:

  • White Permanent Vinyl
  • White Removable Vinyl
  • Clear Permanent Vinyl
  • Clear Removable Vinyl
  • Holographic Silver/Rainbow
  • Holographic Glitter Confetti
  • Holographic Glitter Flake
  • Holographic Kaleidoscope
  • Gold Leaf Vinyl
  • Textured Silver Vinyl
  • HTV 

So... Which do you choose? This is a question with no full "right" answer, but more what works best for you and your craft. Lets break down some of the the differences. 

Permanent vinyl - this is equivalent to Oracal 651. It's a standard vinyl with a good adhesive. This is used a lot in the crafting world; example, you just get a Cricut and you want to make decals to go on your sugar and flower cannisters, you use this particular vinyl. 

Removable vinyl - this is equivalent to Oracal 631. This has commonly been used for wall decals due to the ability to remove it without causing significant harm to the paint on the wall, even years down the road. Sometimes heat is still necessary, but you are likely to have better results with removable versus permanent. 

WHY would I use removable on a tumbler? 

Well, because sometimes placing a wrap, decal, pattern or piece of a pattern on a tumbler can be difficult, and sometimes it needs to be pulled up and repositioned. If you've ever had to pull up a chunk of vinyl, you know that it can be a real pain in the behind sometimes. It can stretch the vinyl, it can pull up your base (which can be extra frustrating when it pulls up a glittered or painted base) and so on. Removable is a game changer. 

White versus clear vinyl - sometimes we want our base to show through - this can be helpful if we have a glow tumbler and are using a wrap or pattern with a lot of white in the design (as white is not printed - so this part appears see-through). This can give really cool effects with alcohol ink and/or glitter bases with some fun designed patterns and wraps installed on top. 

Holographic - a game changer for tumblers. In addition to the standard white and clear vinyls, we started offering holographic vinyl in late 2022 for decals only, and expanded this to wraps and tumblers shortly thereafter. Holographic is a shiny, iridescent way to make your vinyl POP and get the attention of your customers. We offer four different holographics as of April 2023, so please take a look at the below photos and descriptions to decide what works best for your application.

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