Canadians - Free Shipping Tuesdays are back!

Canadians - Free Shipping Tuesdays are back!

Canadians, it's back! Free shipping Tuesdays are a lot of fun and can save you a bunch of dough throughout the month of October. There are FIVE Tuesdays, so five free shipments! WOOHOO! 

What do you need? Well, you need a Solutions for Small Business account with Canada Post. This is free, does not require you to be a registered business, and is super simple to sign up for online. You can do it in minutes. You will also need to know package dimensions and weight values. I would not recommend fudging these numbers as you may get charged with any overages if you say your parcel is a lot smaller or lighter than it actually is. On Tuesday's in October, Canada Post will release a coupon code that will drop your shipping charge to nothing if it meets the above criteria. Sweet deal! You can see Canada Post's FAQ regarding this promo here:

Please note: When you create a label, you *must* save it as a PDF or download it as a PDF immediately. The link to the label is only good for 5 days, and after that, it's inaccessible. To prevent this issue, download/save it immediate as a PDF and store it on your computer, but more ideally, email it to me immediately after creation. If you do not know how to save as a PDF, please simply forward me the email from Canada Post that contains the link to your label. This link will lead me to the label alone for printing - I will not have access to your Canada Post account. Use email: hello @ brightswan . ca. Please send it to us if you already have an open order with us to prevent your order being delayed. 

So! The nitty gritty. 

You need to know who the "return" shipping address part should be. PLEASE ensure this is the return, and not the "to" address, or your parcel will not arrive to you. It needs to be addressed TO you, and should be addressed "FROM/return" Bright Swan.

Our address is:

Bright Swan

PO Box 97

Parry Sound, Ontario

P2A 2X2.

For the phone number part, if required, please use your own phone number so Canada Post can contact you should there be an issue. 

Parcel size:

If you are ordering 12 x 12 sheets of vinyl, patterned vinyl, tumbler wraps, decals or sublimation transfers, use these specs:

39 x 36 x 5cm and 2.5kg

If you are ordering adhesive vinyl or htv in other sizes (example: 12x24 or larger), please use our vinyl box measurements, which are:

48 x 12 x 12cm and 2.5kg

I do not recommend using these freebie labels for apparel which can be bulky and heavy. 


The fine print: after the parcel has been dropped off with Canada Post, Bright Swan cannot be held responsible for lost or damaged parcels. Since we are not considered the "shipper", we cannot guarantee adequate insurance, nor can we do any claims with Canada Post in the event of a damaged or lost parcel. This liability must be assumed by the account who creates the label. 

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