March 26, 2023 Updates

March 26, 2023 Updates








Hey Hey, I hope everyone is doing well!

So! Gosh there is a lot going on in our little world. 

First things first - I want to give a huge shoutout to my followers on TikTok. I am about to hit 10k, and when I started using this account last March, I never would have dreamed that I'd have that many people interested in MY business.

But not only that, we have been building this huge community of tumbler artists, crafters and genuinely incredible people, and THAT is the most important to me. I am absolutely loving getting to know so many of you on a little more personal of a level, versus other social media platforms. This platform means SO much to me because of the community we have been creating. So... Thank you. Thank you for hanging out during my lives while I print and cut vinyl. Thank you for interacting with my videos. Thank you for your beautiful comments, your likes, saves and shares. Your support means so much to me. 

Given that there is quite a possibility that TikTok will be going away in the US, and in Canada, Bill C-11 may affect my following, I thought it may be prudent to start building on other platforms as well. Do not worry - I am not going *anywhere* when it comes to TikTok. But, I have started a Clapper, as well as a YouTube and I plan to share the same videos there that I do on TikTok. On YT I need to be careful due to copyright of music, so it may not be *exactly* the same. 

So how do you find my other platforms? Check out my Beacons page here:

I am working on trying to be more active on Facebook and Instagram as well, but frankly, I am not impressed as Meta is playing a huge roll in trying to ban TikTok... I will continue to be active there until this is over with, but changes may be happening in the future regarding this. 



TURNAROUND TIMES! Please be advised, I want your items out as quick as possible. I know you rely on us to get your items in a timely manner. While our turnaround time was dropped to 1-2 business days there for less than a week, it has grew once again to 1-5 business days. Why 1-5?

For *only* sublimation transfers, this is usually next business day as it's quick and do not require a lot of physical labour, unless you order hundreds of transfers at a time. 

For patterned vinyl, tumbler wraps and decals, this can be upwards of 5 business days at times, but we will do our best to get it all done as quick as possible. If we think it may be longer, we do generally send off a quick email regarding your turnaround time. 


A few weeks ago, we launched holographic vinyl as an option for all of our patterned vinyl, decals and tumbler wraps. This is an incredible and fun option for printing, and I highly recommend you check our social media accounts if you're interested in seeing it detail. It's SO FUN! 

In addition, we have another type of holographic coming this week that is a sparkly glitter holographic. Is the same rainbow type holographic colour, but with a glittery bling to it. The website is currently adding this as an option for all patterned vinyl, decals and tumbler wraps, but please be advised, given that we have over 11,000 listings that need to be edited, it takes some time. Some options will show this currently, while others will not yet. Hopefully by next Sunday, it will all be added for every printable listing. 


New designs are often launched Thursday's at noon eastern. We try to be live at that time on Tiktok. We also have early access to those that subscribe to our Live on TikTok (8.99/month and it gets you access Wednesday night at 9pm est, an exclusive discount code that also works on our subscription boxes and custom orders, as well as exclusive sneak peeks. We will be starting a subscription only FB group to chat and discuss what's coming, as well.)


Decals - we are offering new sizing on decals as well! We have sizes up to 25", which are so fun! We have added some in-between sizes for our decals now as well including 4 and 5" sizes. We had been requested to get 4" for a little bit, so it was time. 


So that was a lot of info all at once, and if you got through it, congrats! Here is a discount code for your reading capabilities. The code is clickable, so all you need to do is click and it will automatically add to your cart. Or use code "bloggy" without quotes. It will work for a one time per person purchase and saves you 15% at the checkout.

I hope all of you have a fantastic day! 

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